Administration Officer, Administrative Officer & Admin Clerk – Grade 12 or equivalent

The Department of Public Works is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer. The intention is to promote representatively in the Public Service through the filling of these posts and with persons whose appointment will promote representatively, will receive preference. An indication by candidates in this regard will facilitate the processing of applications. If no suitable candidates from the unrepresented groups can be recruited, candidates from the represented groups will be considered. People with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

SALARY : R261 372 per annum
CENTRE : Polokwane Regional Office
REQUIREMENTS : A three year tertiary qualification (NQF Level 6) in Property Management, Real Estate or Property Law. Appropriate experience in the acquisition of property or rights in fixed property and property administration will serve as an advantage. Valid driver’s license. Computer Literacy. Knowledge and understanding of government procurement processes, Contractual policies
and procedures. Understanding of property acquisition and its trends.
Understanding of derivative forms of acquisition of property (expropriation, common law and prescriptions, e.t.c). Negotiation skills.

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DUTIES : Procure list of properties to be utilised by client departments. Keep track of the property market and its trends. Negotiate property purchases. View tendered or identified properties. Conduct physical verification of leased properties.
Attend Client forum meetings and report back to the Head of unit. Draft lease agreement, Submissions and other documentation resulting from negotiations.
Advice Client Departments on issues related to property acquisition. Perform administrative related duties within the office.

ENQUIRIES : Ms M.B Lekgoathi Tel No: (015) 291 6411
APPLICATIONS : Polokwane Regional Office Applications: The Regional Manager, Department of Public Works and Infrastructure, Private Bag X9469, Polokwane, 0700 or Hand deliver at 77 Hans van Rensburg Street, Sanlam Building, Ground Floor, Polokwane.

SALARY : R261 372 per annum
CENTRE : Bloemfontein Regional Office
REQUIREMENTS : A three year tertiary qualification (NQF Level 6) in Public Management/Property Management/Real Estate Management/Law or related field. Appropriate experience in Property administration, Letting out of properties, Debt Management and or acquisition of property rights. Knowledge and understanding of Government procurement procedures and regulations.
Understanding and knowledge of the PFMA, GIAMA and SCM. Understanding of the property market and its trends. Good communication (verbal and written) and interpersonal skills. Computer literacy.

DUTIES : Effective administration in the utilization regarding the potential of state owned properties, undertake site visits and condition survey to determine utilization potentials. The provision of optimal utilization of state owned properties.
Manage property details and maintain property management information systems and fixed asset register. Administrative measures against unlawful occupations. Liaise with clients to determine their property related requirements. Assist in identification of redundant state properties for disposal.
The provision of management support of property related contracts and agreements.
ENQUIRIES : Mr K Mosoang Tel No: (051) 408 7355
APPLICATIONS : Bloemfontein Regional Applications: The Regional Manager, Department of Public Works, P/Bag X 20605, Bloemfontein, 9300 or hand delivered to 18 President Brandt Street Bloemfontein 9300.

SALARY : R261 372 per annum
CENTRE : Port Elizabeth Regional Office
REQUIREMENTS : A three year tertiary qualification (NQF Level 6) in Town Planning, Financial Management, Real Estate, Qualification in Built Environment, LLB. Appropriate experience in Immovable Asset Disposals. Must have a sound knowledge of GIAMA, PFMA, State Land Disposal Act and other property-related legislation, Good writing, analytical, financial, negotiation, communication and interpersonal skills. A valid driver’s license. Willingness to travel.

DUTIES : Administer the disposal process for land reform and restitution. Participate in the liaison process with the Department of Land Affairs on the transfer of properties for land reform purposes. Provide administrative support with the property disposal process. Assist with letting out of surplus state owned properties, Conduct site inspection to obtain information for the disposal of
property and the compilation of reports. Assist with the preparation of information to be presented at the PSLDVC to support the vesting and disposal of the property. Assist with the preparation of monthly budget reports, monthly productivity report and other general management functions within the office.

ENQUIRIES : Ms. N. Gqomo Tel No: (041) 408 2078
APPLICATIONS : Port Elizaberth Regional Office Applications: The Regional Manager, Department of Public Works, Private Bag X 3913.North End ,Port Elizabeth 6056.
FOR ATTENTION : Ms. S. Mafanya

SALARY : R261 372 per annum
CENTRE : Kimberley Regional Office
REQUIREMENTS : A three year tertiary qualification (NQF Level 6) in Public Administration or related field and relevant experience. Knowledge of Procurement and tender regulations, occupational health and safety, Labour Relations Act, Public Finance Management Act. Skills: numeracy, interpersonal and diplomacy skills, advisory skills, supervisory skills, general administration and organisational skills, Computer skills, analytical thinking problem solving skills, communication and report writing abilities. Creativity, ability to work under stressful situations, ability to communicate at all levels, people orientated, punctuality, assertive, hard-working self-motivated, ability to work independently. Willing to adapt to work schedule in accordance with office requirements. A valid driver’s license.


DUTIES : Facilitate the ordering, distribution of cleaning material and equipment. Prepare documentation for requisitions. Capture requests on LOGIS. Administer and verify the purchasing of cleaning materials and equipment. Maintain supplies inventory by checking stock to determine inventory level. Participate in supplier sourcing and supplier contracts management. Execute the supervision of cleaning services to maintain hygienic environment. Administer cleaning schedules for clients. Administer requests from client departments. Monitor services rendered by in house staff and private contractor. Ensure preparation
and allocation of uniform for new employees. Attend to clients’ queries and complaints.

Assist in ensuring the implementation of Service Level Agreement (SLA). Provide support in financial administration for cleaning services. Provide budget input for cleaning services. Assist with verification invoices that come
from suppliers. Assist in monitoring of expenditure according to budget limits.
Prepare quotation estimates. Ensure that all records of the financial activities are filed as required. Render general administration and supervisory work.
ENQUIRIES : Ms. A Xentsa Tel No: (053) 838 5345
APPLICATIONS : Kimberly Regional Applications: The Regional Manager, Department of Public Works, Private Bag X5002, Kimberley, 8301 or Hand Deliver to 21-23 Market Square, Old Magistrate Building, Kimberley.

SALARY : R176 310 per annum
CENTRE : Bloemfontein Regional Office
REQUIREMENTS : A Senior Certificate/Grade 12 qualification with extensive relevant working experience in administration, a high level of computer literacy, including experience in Microsoft packages. Good verbal and written communication skills. Basic knowledge of treasury regulations and financial management, report writing and submissions. Sound analytical and problem-solving skills, an
understanding of the PFMA, Ability to work under pressure. Good interpersonal relations skills and telephone etiquette.
DUTIES : Compile, register, develop and write reports for the Works Management Section. Register and distribute callouts to the relevant works managers.
Record quotations and invoices for Works managers. Print, submit and collect photocopies and documentation to and from the registry and tender section.

Fax and phone to confirm all suppliers’ orders for works management. Create a filing system for all correspondence and tender documentation. Arrange meetings and take minutes of the sectional meetings. Liaise with Chief Works Managers and Clients (external & internal). Provide admin support for Works Managers and technical functions. Capture requisitions on the LOGIS system, Manage flow of information and documents in the office. Tracking and record keeping of flow of documents. Arranging logistics for Works Management staff.
ENQUIRIES : Mr. L Ramasunzi Tel No: (051) 408 7311
APPLICATIONS : Bloemfontein Regional Applications: The Regional Manager, Department of Public Works, P/Bag X 20605, Bloemfontein, 9300 or hand delivered to 18 President Brandt Street Bloemfontein 9300.

CLOSING DATE : 01 July 2022 at 16H00

NOTE : Kindly take note that with effect from 01 January 2021, DPSA approved the new Z83 Application Form (obtainable from any Public Service department); applicants are requested to use the new application form as failure to do so will result in their application being disqualified. The Z83 form must be signed when submitted, To streamline the recruitment process to be more responsive to the public, as well as to create more protective measures during the pandemic by avoiding over-crowding and curb the costs incurred by applicants such measures should include the following regarding certification: Advertisement and accompanying notes must clearly capture the requirements for the certification to reflect that applicants, Please not note that applicants are not required to submit copies of qualifications and other relevant documents on application but must submit the Z83 and a detailed Curriculum Vitae. The communication from HR of the department regarding requirements of certified documents will be limited to shortlisted candidates. Therefore only shortlisted candidates for a post will be required to submit certified documents on or before the day of the interview following communication from HR. The application for employment Form (Z83) provides under the sectional “additional information” that candidates who are selected for interviews will be requested to furnish additional certified information that may be requested to make final decision.

It must be borne in mind that when a document is certified as a true copy of an original, the certifier only confirms it being a true copy of the original presented.
Therefore, the certification process does not provide validation of the authenticity of the original document. The validation occurs when the documents is verified for authenticity. Regulation 67 (9) requires the executive authority to ensure that he or she is fully satisfied of the claims being made and these read with Regulations (57) (c) which requires the finalisation of Personnel Suitability Checks in order to verify claims and check the candidate for purpose of being fit and proper for employment

. Applications not complying with the above will be disqualified. Should you not have heard from us within the next
months, please regard your application as unsuccessful. Note: It is the responsibility of all applicants to ensure that foreign and other qualifications are evaluated by SAQA. Recognition of prior learning will only be considered on submission of proof by candidates. Kindly note that appointment will be subject to verification of qualifications and a security clearance. Faxed or late applications will NOT be accepted. Shortlisted candidates must be willing to undergo normal vetting and verification processes. Should you not have heard from us within the next 3 months, please regard your application as unsuccessful.

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