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How to Upload Your CV/Resume to Value Logistics for Best Future Vacancies


If you’re looking to join Value Logistics and want to ensure that you’re in the loop for future job opportunities, uploading your CV/resume to the company’s database is a crucial step. By doing so, you increase your chances of being contacted for interviews when a suitable position that meets your requirements becomes available.

Benefits of Uploading Your CV/Resume

Uploading your CV/resume to Value Logistics’ database allows you to proactively express your interest in potential future roles. This proactive approach to job hunting ensures that your information is readily available to the company’s hiring managers when they start seeking candidates for new opportunities.

Steps to Upload Your CV/Resume

Store you cv to Value Logistics please email your CV to recruitment@value.co.za


  1. Visit the Company’s Website: Navigate to Value Logistics’ official website and locate the careers or job opportunities section OR use email with subject of position you qualify for.
  2. Create an Account or Sign In: If required, create an account or sign in to the portal where you can submit your CV/resume.
  3. Complete Your Profile: Fill in all the necessary details and ensure that your CV/resume is fully updated with your most recent work experience, skills, and qualifications.
  4. Upload Your Document: Follow the prompts to upload your CV/resume to the company’s database. Ensure that the file format is compatible with the system requirements.
  5. Confirm Submission: Double-check that your CV/resume has been successfully uploaded and that all the information provided is accurate.

Value Logistics

The Importance of Storing Your Documents in the Company Database

By storing your CV/resume in Value Logistics’ database, you establish a direct link between yourself and the company’s HR team. This direct connection increases the likelihood of being considered for relevant job openings in the future.

Maximizing Your Chances of Being Contacted for Interviews

When a suitable position aligning with your qualifications and preferences becomes available at Value Logistics, having your CV/resume already stored in their database puts you a step ahead. You stand a better chance of being called for interviews, as the company can easily access your information and evaluate your fit for the role.

Value Logistics


Uploading your CV/resume to Value Logistics for future vacancies is a proactive and strategic move that can increase your visibility to the company’s hiring team. By taking this simple step, you position yourself for potential job opportunities and enhance your chances of securing interviews for roles that match your expertise and career goals.

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