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Tiger Brands Learnership Programme 2024

Unleash Your Future with Tiger Brands Learnership Programme

As South Africa’s largest food company, Tiger Brands is committed to nurturing talent and providing exceptional learning opportunities. We are excited to announce the opening of applications for our 2024 Learnership Programme. This comprehensive programme, in cooperation with Optimum Learning Technologies, offers a unique chance for young, driven individuals to gain hands-on experience in a fast-paced manufacturing environment.

Why Choose Tiger Brands Learnership Programme?

Tiger Brands has a long-standing reputation for excellence and innovation in the food industry. Our Learnership Programme is designed to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their careers. By joining us, you will benefit from:

  • High-Quality Training: Receive top-tier education from Optimum Learning Technologies, a leader in vocational training.
  • Real-World Experience: Gain practical experience in a dynamic manufacturing environment.
  • Professional Development: Develop a strong work ethic, technical aptitude, and positive attitude.

Programme Details

Position: Learnership Programme

Duration: 12 – 18 months

Closing Date: 30 June 2024

Our 2024 Learnership Programme is a blend of theoretical and practical training over 12 to 18 months. This dual approach ensures that you are well-prepared to meet the demands of the industry.

Application Process

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for the Tiger Brands Learnership Programme, applicants must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • South African Citizenship: Only SA citizens are eligible to apply.
  • Educational Background: Grade 12 with Mathematics and two languages (one must be English).
  • Technical Aptitude: Demonstrated ability in technical subjects.
  • Work Ethic and Attitude: Strong work ethic and a positive attitude.
  • Willingness to Learn: Eagerness to acquire new skills and knowledge.

Required Documents

Applicants must submit the following PDF documents with their application:

  • A certified copy of their Identity Document.
  • A certified copy of their Matric Certificate.
  • A certified copy of their Highest Certificate (if applicable).
  • A detailed CV.

Application Deadline

The deadline for submitting applications is 30 June 2024. Make sure all required documents are enclosed and submitted on time.

The Screening Process

Successful applicants will undergo a rigorous screening process. This includes:

  1. Initial Application Review: All submitted documents will be reviewed for eligibility.
  2. Assessment Tests: Shortlisted candidates will be invited to take aptitude and technical tests.
  3. Interviews: Candidates who pass the tests will be interviewed by a panel of experts.
  4. Placement: Based on the screening results, candidates will be placed in the programme.

Programme Structure

Phase 1: Theoretical Training

Participants will begin with theoretical training at Optimum Learning Technologies Centre. This phase covers essential topics such as:

  • Manufacturing Processes: Understanding the fundamentals of food production.
  • Quality Control: Learning the standards and procedures for maintaining product quality.
  • Health and Safety: Ensuring a safe working environment in compliance with industry regulations.

Phase 2: Practical Training

After completing the theoretical phase, participants will transition to practical training within Tiger Brands’ manufacturing facilities. Here, they will:

  • Apply Knowledge: Implement what they have learned in real-world scenarios.
  • Gain Experience: Work alongside experienced professionals to hone their skills.
  • Develop Competencies: Enhance their technical and soft skills through hands-on practice.

Benefits of the Learnership Programme

Career Advancement

Graduates of the Learnership Programme are well-positioned to advance their careers. The skills and experience gained can lead to opportunities within Tiger Brands or other leading companies in the industry.

Networking Opportunities

Participants will have the chance to build a professional network by interacting with peers, trainers, and industry experts. This network can be invaluable for career growth and development.


Upon successful completion of the programme, participants will receive a nationally recognized certification. This credential is a testament to their skills and knowledge, enhancing their employability.

How to Apply

Interested candidates should visit the Tiger Brands website to complete the online application form. Ensure that all required documents are uploaded in PDF format. For any queries, applicants can contact the Tiger Brands recruitment team via email or phone.

Apply here: Learnership Programme


The Tiger Brands Learnership Programme 2024 is an exceptional opportunity for young South Africans to kickstart their careers in the food industry. With comprehensive training, practical experience, and professional development, this programme is designed to cultivate the next generation of industry leaders.

Apply today and take the first step towards a promising future with Tiger Brands.

Tiger Brands Learnership Programme 2024

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