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Overberg District
SALARY : R125 373 per annum
CENTRE : Hermanus Hospital

REQUIREMENTS : Minimum requirement: Basic numeracy and literacy skills. Experience:
Appropriate cleaning experience in a hospital/ clinic/hospitality environment.
Inherent requirements for the job: Physically able to lift/move heavy objects
and working at heights requiring the use of a step ladder. Willing to work shifts,
public holidays, weekends, overtime, and night duty. Ability to operate
machinery and equipment. Good interpersonal skills. Relief duties in other
departments when necessary. Competencies (knowledge/skills): Knowledge
of the correct methods of handling and disposal of refuse/waste products and
adherence to policy and cleaning practices. Excellent communication skills.

You can:

DUTIES : Responsible for cleaning duties i.e., sweeping, dusting, emptying bins,
mopping, scrubbing, and polishing, cleaning windows, deep cleaning of toilets,
general refuge, medical waste handling and maintenance of general neatness
and hygiene (adhere to OHS and IPC policies) daily. Perform patient meal
servings and cleaning of crockery and cutlery (according to HACCP principles
and food service unit process). Effective use, maintenance and safekeeping
of supplies and equipment and cost-effective use of resources/consumables.
Handling of linen (soiled lined, dirty linen, clean linen, counting of linen,
packing linen room etc.). Attend Inservice training and render support to the
supervisor with regards to general housekeeping duties

ENQUIRIES : Mr T De Wet Tel No: (028) 313-5200
APPLICATIONS : The Director: Overberg District Office, Private Bag X07 Caledon, 7230.
FOR ATTENTION : Mr Wajdie Teegler
NOTE : No payment of any kind is required when applying for this post.
CLOSING DATE : 17 November 2023

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