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Re-Advertisement: Those who previously applied need not to re-apply
SALARY : R202 233 – R235 611 per annum (Level 05). Other benefits: 13th Cheque,
Medical Aid (Optional) and Housing allowance: Prescribed requirements to be
met Prescribed requirements.
CENTRE : Dannhauser CHC

REQUIREMENTS : Grade 12 (Senior Certificate). A minimum of 6 years or more experience in the
security field. Firearm Certificate. Experience: A minimum of six (06) years or
more experience in the security field. Valid Driver’s License. Knowledge, Skills,
Training and Competencies Required for the post: Knowledge of Human
Resource. Knowledge of Occupational Health and Safety. Sound knowledge
of the Security Management Services. Knowledge of the Public Service
Regulations and Labour Relations, Security Legislation and Policies. Possess
fire arms and safety management skills. Have excellent verbal and written
communication and interpersonal skills. Have investigating, conflict resolution
and problem solving skills. Be computer literate.

You can:

DUTIES : Provide security related services, identify risk and threats to the security of the
department, conduct security investigation and write reports, check incidents/
occurrence books/ registers. Monitor access control to prevent unauthorised
entry buildings and other premises. Report all incidents and any identified noncompliance relating to security prescripts, supervise the security functions
performed by security officers, control leave and related personnel matters in
line with HR procedure and prescripts, ensure the authorisation of equipment,
documents and stores into or out of the building or premises, identify and report
on safety hazards such as defects and breaches in perimeter and internal

security, inspect perimeters to ensure that it is safe and that security is not
compromised, update all registers for the incidents observed, formulate and
implement internal policies relating to security safety standards within the
institution, formulate and update policies for the institution, implement the
policies in the institution and monitor compliance, monitor outcomes and
institute the necessary corrective measures to address deviations from norms
and standards.

ENQUIRIES : Mr B.N. Manatha Tel No: (034) 621 6100
APPLICATIONS : All applications should be forwarded to Assistant Director: HRM; KZN:
Department of Health; Private Bag X1008; Dannhauser; 3080 or Hand delivery
to: Dannhauser Community Health Centre; No 7 Durnacol Road; Dannhauser,

NOTE : Applications must be submitted on the prescribed application for employment
form (Z83) and Curriculum Vitae (ONLY). Only shortlisted candidates for a post
will be required to submit certified documents and proof of current registration
with the respective council on or before the day of the interview following
communication from HR. The Reference Number must be indicated in the
column (Part A) provided thereof on the Z83 form. NB: Failure to comply with
the above instructions will disqualify applicants. Faxed and e-mailed

applications will NOT be accepted. Persons with disabilities should feel free to
apply for the post. The appointments are subject to positive outcomes obtained
from the State Security Agency (SSA) to the following checks security
clearance (vetting), criminal clearance, credit records and citizenship,
verification of educational qualifications by SAQA, verification of previous
experience from Employers and verification from the Company Intellectual
Property Commission (CIPC). Applicants are respectfully informed that, if no
notification of appointment is received within 3 months after the closing date,
they must accept that their applications were unsuccessful. Preference will be
given to African Male.

CLOSING DATE : 13 October 2023

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