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Chief Directorate: Metro Health Services
SALARY : R202 233 per annum
CENTRE : Symphony Way CDC

REQUIREMENTS : Minimum educational qualification: Senior Certificate Grade 12(or equivalent).
Experience: Appropriate experience in patient administration. Inherent
requirement of the job: Computer Literacy (MS Word, Excel, and Outlook).
Excellent communication (written/verbal) skills. Competencies
(knowledge/skills): Knowledge of PHCIS. Knowledge of the PFMA and
responsibilities linked to finance management. Ability to work under pressure,
independently, unsupervised, in a team to accept accountability and
responsibility, and maintain confidentiality.

You can:

DUTIES : Ensure effective and efficient implementation of all applicable policies,
procedures, and instructions. Admission of clients, opening new folders,
merging, filing, archiving, and disposal of folders. Folder management and
folder hygiene. Ensure accurate and daily capturing of PHCIS and relevant
electronic systems. Patients’ assessment, ensure confidentiality of information
and ensure that electronic and hard-copy records are maintained according to
the prescribed protocol. Deal with written and or telephonic queries with regard
to patient administration and management of compliments, complaints, and
suggestions. Provide support to supervisor and perform relief duties of
colleagues (other admin, health information, and helpdesk).

ENQUIRIES : Mr S Diedericks Tel No: (021) 204-9465
APPLICATIONS : Applicants apply online: (click “online
NOTE : No payment of any kind is required when applying for this post.
CLOSING DATE : 03 November 2023

NOTE : It will be expected of candidates to be available for selection interviews on a
date, time and place as determined by the Department. Kindly note that excess
personnel will receive preference.
ERRATUM: Kindly note that the advert for the Post of: Health Promoter,
Kleinvlei Community Day Centre, Chief Directorate: Metro Health Services
advertised in the Public Service Vacancy dated 06 October 2023 with reference
number: Post 36/117, has been amended as follows: Minimum educational
qualification: General Education and Training Certificate (GETC) Grade 9

(Std.7). The closing date of the post is extended to 03 November 2023. Kindly
note that the Post 36/111: Administrative Officer: Support Services, Office of
the Deputy Director: Chief Operations has been amended as follows; Office of
the Director General: Chief Operations and Tel No: (021) 483-5619.

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