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POST 36/118 : PORTER
Chief Directorate: Metro Health Services
SALARY : R125 373 per annum
CENTRE : Mitchells Plain District Hospital/ EC HUB (Operating between institutions and
Heideveld Emergency Hub)

REQUIREMENTS : Minimum requirement: Basic reading and writing skills. Experience:
Appropriate Porter/mortuary experience in a public health facility. Inherent
requirements of the job: Willingness to work shifts, including nightshift,
weekends, and Public Holidays. Willingness to handle corpses (deceased
bodies). Willingness to work overtime when required. Must be of sober habits,
and physically fit to lift patients/corpses from/onto beds, trolleys, vehicles,

You can:

wheelchairs, and heavy equipment. Willingness to cover shifts in the absence
of colleagues. Prepared to work in all departments /wards in hospital and
Heideveld EC Hub. Competencies (knowledge/skills): Good interpersonal and
communication skills. Knowledge of safe infection prevention methods. Ability
to work under pressure, unsupervised, and in a team context.

DUTIES : Deliver specimens to laboratories and ensure a safe and hygienic work
environment. Check and replace gas cylinders in wards/treatment areas and
assist with shifting medical equipment to and from rooms. Accompany walking
patients and transport sitting/non-walking patients per trolley or wheelchair
between wards and treatment areas. Take responsibility for the transportation
of corpses from wards to the mortuary and perform relevant duties in the
mortuary which include mortuary registers. Safe transport of patients on

trolleys and wheelchairs to and from different departments/wards and assist
with loading of patients in/out of ambulances/vehicles. Responsible for the
cleanliness of trolleys, wheelchairs, and working areas and report any defects
to trolleys/wheelchairs to the supervisor and reply to requests from

ENQUIRIES : Mr M Pedro Tel No: (021) 377 4327
APPLICATIONS : The CEO: Mitchell’s Plain Hospital: AZ Berman Drive, Lentegeur or Private
Bag X9, Mitchell’s Plain 7789.
NOTE : No payment of any kind is required when applying for this post. Candidates
may be subjected to a competency test.
CLOSING DATE : 27 October 2023

NOTE : It will be expected of candidates to be available for selection interviews on a
date, time and place as determined by the Department. Kindly note that excess
personnel will receive preference.

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